The Confédération Européenne des Fêtes et Manifestations  Historiques (C.E.F.M.H.)  was established on November 17th 2004 in Strasbourg. This new structure replaced the former Fédération Européenne des Fêtes et Manifestations Historiques (F.E.F.M.H.) founded  in 1992 in Beauvais, France.

Its main activities are to promote and publicize historic pageants and festivals throughout Europe. Its aims are to further knowledge of European history and its cultural value among Europe’s peoples.

In addition, the CEFMH assists its members by disseminating information to national associations and associated cities. It acts as an agent for historical groups individuals and young people in particular involved in historical festivals and events across Europe. It maintains contact with the media and lobbies members of the European Parliament as well as the European Commission in Brussels.

The CEFMH was born out of the need to look beyond country borders and to elicit interest among Europeans in the more than 1.000 historic festivals and events which take place throughout Europe.